Gimo-Samling: 18th Century Sonatas and Triosonatas for Mandolin

Duo Acquavella, with the Bach Collegium San Diego: Gimo-Samling: 18th Century Sonatas and Triosonatas for Mandolin, on Centaur Records, Inc. Works on this album include 18th century compositions by Gioacchino Cocchi, Giovanni Battista Gervasio, and Emanuele Barbella, as well as a trio sonata with unknown composer. Duo Acquavella is Chris Acquavella and Dr. Stefanie Acquavella-Rauch. Founded in 1976, Centaur Records, Inc. is one of the oldest and largest independent classical labels in the U.S. Centaur recordings are available in major markets throughout the world.

The world is full of music that hardly anybody has heard in centuries. Once successful and sought after, it was forgotten when musical taste and fashion changed. Duo Acquavella and the Bach Collegium San Diego invite you to join them on a journey back in time. Discover the world of the late 1750s and early 1760s and listen to trio sonatas, solo sonatas and duos composed for the once highly fashionable instrument, the mandolin. The music on the CD survived as part of the Gimo-Samling (Gimo-Collection) that is now to be found in the Biblioteca Rediviva in Uppsala (Sweden).

The new release will be available in the USA, Canada and digitally world-wide on March 11, 2016. World-wide release dates will be announced by individual countries. Pre-order sales are available now.

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