Amy Burcham

[bquote author=”Amy Burcham” source=”Mandolin Moments Magazine, 2011″]Classical teaching artist, Chris Acquavella, was an outstanding new addition this year (2011 Mandolin Symposium). He has a diverse background, great skill and musicality, and a unique ability to connect to students in the classroom situation.[/bquote]

Reidar Falch

[bquote author=”Reidar Falch” source=”Mandolin Moments, Oct 2011″]Chris Acquavella’s technique is breathtaking…..It sounds like he has unconditional love for the material. He is lifting this repertoire to an exciting level….This masterpiece is great listening.[/bquote]

Robert Bush

[bquote author=”Robert Bush” source=”San Diego Reader, Nov 2011″ link=””]I don’t know much about classical music, however, I do know a virtuoso when I hear one, and Mr. Acquavella is a virtuoso of the highest order.”[/bquote]

Diane at

[bquote author=”Diane at” source=”Nov 2011″]The artistic musician, Chris Acquavella, releases a brilliant solo Classical CD, “Praeludium,” featuring his marvelous talents on the mandolin.[/bquote]