Online Mandolin Lessons

chrisacquavella_lessonsChris Acquavella is a mandolin instructor at his music studio in Detmold, Germany. He also offers online mandolin lessons through Skype. Chris is an instructor/performer at the CMSA Conventions, Mike Marshall/David Grisman Mandolin Symposium and in the artistic director of the San Diego Classical Mandolin Camp. Chris also tours around the U.S.A. & Europe giving workshops on mandolin technique, historical repertoire & musical expression.

Chris is now accepting new students online via Skype or FaceTime! Whether you are a beginner or an advanced performer, Chris will be delighted to share in your music experience. Taking online lessons is the next best thing to having private lessons with Chris in Germany! PDFs of the material are emailed to students prior to each lesson or directly after the session. Skype lessons are €55 per hour, which must be paid prior to lesson. Online tuition is paid via PayPal. Chris will send you an invoice at the beginning of each month. Once tuition is received Chris will connect via Skype or FaceTime and email you lesson materials. Please email Chris Acquavella today to schedule your online lessons.

Tuition Prices

  • 60 minute bi-weekly lesson
    €110 per/month
  • 60 minute lesson 3 times per month
    €165 per/month
  • 60 minute weekly lesson 4 times per month
    €220 per month
“Skype ‘mandolining’ with Chris has far surpassed my expectations. Such vision….he spots all my bad habits from 2,689 miles away and helps me correct them. This is 21st century technology at its best”! – Eileen, Maryland

Please contact Chris Acquavella to schedule lessons.