• Gimo-Samling: 18th Century Sonatas and Triosonatas for Mandolin

    Duo Acquavella, with the Bach Collegium San Diego: Gimo-Samling: 18th Century Sonatas and Triosonatas for Mandolin, on Centaur Records, Inc. Works on this album include 18th century compositions by Gioacchino Cocchi, Giovanni Battista Gervasio, and Emanuele Barbella, as well as a trio sonata with unknown composer. Duo Acquavella is Chris Acquavella and Dr. Stefanie Acquavella-Rauch. Founded in 1976, Centaur Records, Inc. is one of the oldest and largest independent classical labels in the U.S. Centaur recordings are available in major markets throughout the world.

    The world is full of music that hardly anybody has heard in centuries. Once successful and sought after, it was forgotten when musical taste and fashion changed. Duo Acquavella and the Bach Collegium San Diego invite you to join them on a journey back in time. Discover the world of the late 1750s and early 1760s and listen to trio sonatas, solo sonatas and duos composed for the once highly fashionable instrument, the mandolin. The music on the CD survived as part of the Gimo-Samling (Gimo-Collection) that is now to be found in the Biblioteca Rediviva in Uppsala (Sweden).

    The new release will be available in the USA, Canada and digitally world-wide on March 11, 2016. World-wide release dates will be announced by individual countries. Pre-order sales are available now.

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  • Praeludium

    Solo classical mandolin music from baroque to contemporary.

    Chris Acquavella delivers powerfully emotive solo performances that pay homage to their historical origins through his own uniquely personal mandolin voice.

    David Grisman

    This recording has SO many things to like that I must cherry-pick a couple of them….My heart was warmed by the performance from Bach’s Partita BWV 1004. Chris’ playing is uniformly excellent and, somewhere “backstage”, I could hear Ali humming along…In this, and in ALL works performed on this CD, there is artistry of the highest caliber, and mandolin-playing of the highest order.

    Victor Kioulaphides

  • In Other Words

    Similar to Duo LaRè’s concerts, “In Other Words” is a good variation on musical styles. The album features original compositions as well as selections from Miles Davis, Pat Metheny, Amilson Godoy, Hermeto Pasqual, Paul Mitchell-Davidson, Denise Mangiardi and Zura Dzagnidze. “In Other Words” is an incarnation of Chris & Nate’s compositions where the traditions of contemporary classical, modern jazz and Eastern European folk music meet the solid rhythmical traditions of contemporary music styles.

    Duo LaRè ensemble: Chris Acquavella (mandolin), Nathan Jarrell (guitar), Erdis Maxhelaku (cello), Harley Magsino (bass) and Steve Haney (percussion).

    Selected Tracks

  • Letters From London, EP

    This is a collection of home and concert recordings from when I lived in London (2002-2006), where I had the pleasure of performing with some wonderful musicians and good friends.

    The musicianship is top-notch all the way….. this original by Acquavella establishes his considerable prowess on the instrument….. The live recording has some of the finest playing on the disc …… Letters From London is an interesting and entertaining collection of recordings. While it is played on classical instruments, it is in reality a mixture of musical approaches and styles that show the many possibilities of the mandolin in the hands of a gifted artist.

    Frank Kocher, San Diego Troubadour, September 2009

    Chris Acquavella – mandolin
    Zura Dzagnidze – guitar
    Joachim Huby – guitar
    Nathan Jarrell – guitarChris Acquavella
    Maximo Diego Pujol
    Astor Piazzolla
    Raffaele Calace
    Zura Dzagnidze
    Hermeto Pascoal