New Expressions Mandolin Orchestra

NEMO_020312_001New Expressions Mandolin Orchestra (N.E.M.O) is a community plucked string ensemble based in Normal Heights, San Diego. N.E.M.O’s mission is to continue the traditions & education of original classical mandolin orchestral repertoire and history. Their repertoire spans musical genres from Baroque and Classical, Romantic and Contemporary music to World music. N.E.M.O, formed in 2010 by classical mandolinist & director, Chris Acquavella, in order to create a new innovative plucked string orchestra that would challenge his students & other advanced community musicians both technically and musically. The New Expressions Mandolin Orchestra is a live incarnation of Chris’ vision where the history of the original mandolin orchestras of the “Golden Era” meets the solid rhythmical traditions of modern music styles & compositions. N.E.M.O’s music is a myriad of tones and moods ranging from high-energy pieces, played with fluidity and immense technical ability, to beautifully measured songs with inspiring melodies that lift audiences from their seats. N.E.M.O’s music is a celebration of creative programming, camaraderie, dedication and professional musicianship. This ensemble meets for 13 weeks of rehearsals and 3 concerts at the end of the session. Each 13 week session consists of a new theme, program and all new repertoire. N.E.M.O. performs in the spring and winter.
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