Acquavella-Dzagnidze Duo

duo acquavella 008Mandolin & guitar is a wonderful combination. Both have plucked strings but the different sonorities blend beautifully together. It is perfect for concert halls, churches, house concerts and small chamber music series. The repertoire ranges from baroque era to contemporary music. A program can be created to fit your special occasion or venue.

Acquavella-Dzagnidze Duo is a mandolin & guitar duo, which performs contemporary music influenced by jazz, contemporary classical and eastern European folk traditions. The duo was formed by classical mandolinist, Chris Acquavella and guitarist, Zura Dzagnidze, in order to create new innovative music combining techniques from various music languages. Acquavella-Dzagnidze Duo is a live incarnation of Chris & Zura’s compositions where the traditions of contemporary classical, modern jazz and Eastern European folk music meet the solid rhythmical traditions of contemporary music styles. Their music is a myriad of tones and moods ranging from high-energy pieces, played with fluidity and immense technical ability, to beautifully measured songs with inspiring melodies that lift audiences from their seats. Acquavella-Dzagnidze’s music is a celebration of creative composing, exciting repertoire choices and professional musicianship.

Please ask if there was something specific you were interested in. Chris and Zura are delighted to include repertoire from a particular style; e.g. baroque, classical, contemporary, avant-garde, Italian, Brazilian Choro.